About Us

Our Philosophy

Transformation. It’s what we do best - financial transformation specifically.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our customers through their own transformation as they glide through directing their financial future. Total Control Financial will act as our customer’s co-pilots on this journey.

They are in control. Not us.

Our goal is to give them wings to fly. Secure in the knowledge that they are headed for new territory with a soft landing on the horizon.

It’s not just important to us. It’s everything. It’s personal.

Our Team

The Total Control Financial team is made up of experts from multiple fields of expertise and all walks of life.

We believe in diversity in everything we do, including the people we have on our team. We believe this helps us help our customers.

Just as every customer is special, every employee is too. We have experts in finance (of course). We also have tax geeks, operational phenoms, customer service devotees and marketing gurus.

The most important component to our team is our customers.

Together we make up the most awesome financial transformation community on the planet!

Our Values

  1. Transparency - Everything is visible, nothing hidden below the surface or behind a curtain. We are the most transparent financial organization on earth.
  2. 10X - We believe in the power of leverage and vision. We live in exponential times where growth of 10X instead of 10% is not only possible but also likely.
  3. Candor - We say what needs to be said without fear of being politically correct. We call it tight with truth.
  4. Relationship - We are building a lifetime relationship, not simply doing transactions.
  5. Growth - Things are either growing or dying. We support and encourage growth for our team, our investors and clients.
  6. Self-Responsibility - We control 100% of our choices and reactions. Our clients and investors do as well.