How It Works

Once you’re ready to begin your financial transformation, we have an easy three-step process to begin your journey:

  1. Choose – Explore Total Control Financial, download a report, reach out to one of our team members or download a free copy of Damion’s (our Chief Financial Wizard) top-selling ebook. We believe it’s important that you learn about the powerful tools that are available to you as you begin your financial journey.

    Choose and buy the Self-Directed IRA or QRP that works best for you – online or over the phone. Whatever is easiest for you.

  2. Convert – Complete the one-page eSign document and follow the step-by-step guided process. You will quickly learn how to setup everything through your own bank account. No one accesses your account except you. We’re here to help. We’ll make sure that you have the information that you need to setup your LLC and have checkbook control to begin controlling your account.

    We’re so sure of our process, we guarantee it! We’ll do whatever it takes to be your co-pilot as you continue navigating your course to financial freedom.

  3. Control – Now the adventure really begins! Begin to access our community of fellow-investors, our financial team and our ever-growing knowledge base of information. Begin to control your own portfolio of investments like never before.