Our Team

Damion Lupo, Founder and CEO of Total Control Financial Inc.

Damion Lupo

Founder and CEO

Inspiring a transparent conversation around money and investing to create a new community of self-responsibility and financial freedom.

Damion Lupo began his career as an entrepreneur when he was 11. The son of an Army veteran, from an early age he had a strong work ethic and an inquisitive mind. Damion doesn’t just learn, he consumes information, embodies it and circulates it with a dedication for empowering others.

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Thomas Young, Chief Customer Officer

Thomas Young

Chief Customer Officer

Thomas Young is in charge of executing and getting ops and logistics done every day to keep the machine going full speed. After attending the University of Texas, where he majored in Economics, Thomas immediately jumped into the world of startups. He embraces the ‘move fast’ mentality of high growth companies, and the ‘all-in’ culture from which the best companies are born.
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