Dan Hellman, Real Estate Investment Strategist

About Dan Hellman

Real Estate Investment Strategist

The definition of a real estate titan is someone who’s been in the trenches, creating wealth through real estate on a massive scale. Someone whose real world real estate experience is rivaled by few in the industry. Total Control Financial is proud to have real estate titan Dan Hellman on our team, educating our customers in the world of real estate investment.

Dan comes to Total Control Financial with over 30 years of hands on real estate investment and development experience. His portfolio exceeds over $200,000,000 in completed projects, including the planning, financing, development and sale of thousands of residential home sites and hundreds of single family homes.

In addition, Dan is an expert at project financing and hard money lending as well as the development and construction of commercial office buildings, industrial warehouses, mini storage facilities, bridges and communication towers. His practical hands on knowledge is both broad based and deep, making him highly qualified in all aspects of real estate investing and finance.

Today, while still actively involved in real estate himself, Dan is pursuing his true passion by teaching and thereby empowering others, with the skills and tools necessary to create financial freedom by building wealth in real estate. He teaches his methodical proven processes, both from the seminar stage as well as hands on, one on one mentoring session in the field with his students.

Any budding real estate investor would be fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Dan’s knowledge and expertise.