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Global Crisis of 2018 and Why You Need to Be Adaptable ~ Damion Lupo

Being a podcast host you get to spend time with and interview some truly amazing people. I honestly consider it an honor. Even then, there are always some that stand out even more above a crowd that stands out above most. Today’s guest is one of those.  His agency actually reached out to be on our podcast. Sometimes we accept solicitations, and sometimes we don’t, but I am very happy we accepted this one.  

I want to recommend you take some time to listen to our guest today. His name is Damion Lupo, he has founded, co-founded, or bought nearly forty businesses. He has black belts in three different forms of martial arts and founded Yokido which is a blend of Aikido and Yoga. He has owned an insurance agency, a precious metals firm, a venture capital company, a financial consulting firm, an 8-figure real estate company and written five books. I think you will find out quickly why I recommend listening to Damion, and why this thirty-five minute interview is totally worth your time.

Damion Lupo is the founder of Yokido and is a self proclaimed financial architect and American sensei. He teaches accelerated learning programs and is the author of 7 books including Reinvented Life, Total Financial Guide to the QRP, and The Quick and Dirty Guide to Gold and Silver.

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