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Financial Transformations and Financial Freedom with Damion Lupo

Let’s face it; you can’t really enjoy the benefits of life when you don’t know how to manage your money properly. Living in an age where so much information is available it can be hard to know which investment options you should be investing in.

In today’s podcast Joe calls up financial transformation expert and Founder of Total Control Financial, Damion Lupo, who knows that the key to financial freedom lies in confidence. So before you look at investment opportunities increase your chances of success and invest in yourself! Specific topics include:

  • Why Damion won’t deal with under 30’s
  • Will rising interest rates cause the market to crash in 2018?
  • How homes and mortgages will be affected
  • Positioning yourself to take advantage of the next economic downturn

Damion Lupo is the founder of Yokido and is a self proclaimed financial architect and American sensei. He teaches accelerated learning programs and is the author of 7 books including Reinvented Life, Total Financial Guide to the QRP, and The Quick and Dirty Guide to Gold and Silver.

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