Aired On: 04/14/2017

Discover your Talent – Do What you Love

Don and Damion dive into Reinvented Retirement and how we have to rethink the idea of retirement, what retirement means, why it’s no longer relevant and how those who still buy into it have a death sentence.

Aired On: 04/13/2017

Wheel Barrow Profits with Jake & Gino

Why I hate the 401k
The 1031 myth (it sucks and this is better…)
Real estate cycles – where we are in this one
How much you should save up before buying a Lambo
Residual income vs. “the bling”
Why a gray haired or no haired mentor
Staying broke or being a showy bi*ch

Aired On: 04/13/2017

Turning Fears into Assets w/ Ian Garlic

Finance is not a topic that we generally like to talk about. It is also an area that most people are not confident about. Today I am joined by once failed now successful investor Damion Lupo. Damion discusses what financial security really is and the importance of being self responsible with finances.

What you’ll Learn:

  • How to use silver to become an action taker
  • How to turn your fears into assets
  • Why the idea of retirement is hurting your mindset

Aired On: 04/11/2017

Top Rated Business Podcast with Kelly Roach

The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Share Their Strategies & Secrets So You Can Achieve Your Goals Faster Than You’d Believe. In this episode, Damion joins Kelly to discuss financial freedom, and the benefits that accompany working for a purpose, rather than a paycheck. When you combine our 10X principal, with our focus on our mission, you create a powerful force.

Aired On: 04/10/2017

Going Deep with Aaron Watson

“What is true?” The question to ask when you want to get conscious and find stillness in 15 seconds.

Aired On: 04/07/2017

Lifestyle Conversations with Jesse Ortiz

Damion Lupo is a 5 time author and sought after financial consultant for accredited investors and business owners. Damion’s personal philosophy centers on Self Responsibility and a conviction that the only path to freedom is through candor, growth and a big vision.

Aired On: 04/06/2017

Mail Right Real Estate – Nelson

Hard core lessons from a Real Estate titan.

Aired On: 04/04/2017

James Murhpy’s Obscure Entrepreneur – Beware of Retirement!

Damion Lupo hates the word retirement. He believes as human beings we are either expanding (learning, contributing) or contracting and equates resigning oneself to retirement with throwing in the proverbial towel. As an entrepreneur Damion has ran over 30 companies ranging from video games to his latest creation, Total Control Financial, which resides in the world of financial technology. Damion also follows the 10x rule which you will hear him explain during our conversation. One of his major goals is to help people make a habit out of thinking bigger and playing to win as opposed to playing not to lose. Great Interview!!

Aired On: 04/04/2017

How to lose Money by having a Big Ego w/Paul Moore

Damion opened Total Control Financial in 2016 designing everything around 10X growth and 10X impact for the client, the team and shareholders. Damion is a 5-time author and sought after financial consultant for accredited investors and business owners. Using a vast knowledge of financial markets, money psychology and pattern recognition he’s an expert at quickly diagnosing hidden financial cancers with clients and their organizations and rewiring both for success.

“Don’t Isolate Yourself When You Are In A Mess. Reach Out To Somebody”

– Damion Lupo

Aired On: 04/04/2017

Reclaim Your Freedom with Shirley Dalton

We all make mistakes but not all of us recover. Damion shares how you can reInvent yourself after falling down. He shares how he was able to release the fail, re-imagine and rewire himself from the inside out. Damion shares his process of growing from the mistake, of learning from it and keeping moving so that the fail doesn’t become your identity as a person. Damion candidly shares the fear of what happens when we fall and he fell in a massive way as well as the lessons and wisdom of going through that process and how to leverage those experiences instead of getting scared into paralysis to avoid them.

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