Wall Street is perpetrating a scam on the American people making Wall Street rich, at the expense of the American worker. They have a focus on their profits first and foremost and your investments secondarily. Let’s get clear on the truth.

DISCOVERY: One of our specialists will work with you to discover whether you will be able to accomplish your financial goals after Wall Street takes their fees. Should you decide you are no longer willing to pay their fees and want to take responsibility for your money and your future you'll move to step 3.

BLUEPRINT: Here we'll design your custom blueprint. We will create a custom eQRP tool just for you. You'll be able to use it to take control of your money and explore a whole new world of investment opportunities. This is the vehicle to take you into a future the way you envision it, free of Wall Street's fees and manipulation.

CONVERSION: Time to facilitate the rollover of your 401(k) and IRA money into your own eQRP. You'll receive checkbook control of your money - control to invest your money the way you want.

CONTROL: Now you have a Checkbook with your retirement money and you are ready. You're ready to invest the way you want. You're in charge and empowered to play without paying Wall Street's fees or being limited to their small list of "investment options."

EDUCATION: You will be invited to join a community of like minded, self responsible Americans committed to a bright future and an abundant retirement. You'll be a part of our members only conversation where you'll be able to meet other investors and exchange ideas opportunities and wisdom.

EXECUTION: Time to execute your vision and grow your money with confidence. You have a community with you. The future is yours. Let's go!

Total Control Financial