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Self Directed

A powerful tool to invest Roth IRA money in alternative assets using checkbook control


The ultimate investor tool for tax deferred or tax free investing in alternative investments with total checkbook control

Solo 401k
Real Estate

Solo 401K + SDIRA, plus a one-on-one coach and a built-in team of peers and experts

Unlimited Roll Overs
Check Book Control
ROTH IRA Rollover OK
Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP)
Registered Agent
Gold & Silver Required IRS Annual Valuation
No Custodian Fees
No UDFI tax on Real Estate
Self Employed Investor 
LLC Set Up 
Creditor Protection 
1 on 1 Private Mentor  
Mastermind Program Monthly and Annual Live Meetings  
Live Real Estate Training  
Legal Support & Entity Strategy  

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