Real Estate MASTERY with Solo 401k

Product Summary

Have you always been interested in real estate investing, but didn’t know where to get the capital to start? Or are you a seasoned real estate professional who wants to put your experience to work in growing your IRA?

The Ultimate Real Estate Investor Package allows you to invest in privately owned real estate like rental properties, land, including foreign land, apartments, mobile homes, oil fields etc.

It includes everything you need to launch your real estate investing career with a built in team of expert investors, attorneys and peers who are in the game. We will provide coaching, confidence and guidance you bring the focus and determination.

Investment Types

Everything under the sun...but

During your first 90 days you’ll work with your mentor to narrow your focus to a particular area that you’ll work on for the year.  This will be your target. 

  1. We will interview you to make sure you’re a good fit and ready for this intense process of guided financial transformation.  Once accepted into the program you’ll meet with your mentor and within 45 days be joined by fellow investors who are vetted and serious, inside a private mastermind group that will also include your mentor
Product Benefits
  • Includes the Solo 401k, a SDIRA both with checkbook control, a 1 on 1 session with Company Founders to create a vision and game plan for your goals.
  • Complimentary LLC or Corporation set up if needed.
  • Monthly 1:1 mentoring calls
  • A monthly group webinar plus unlimited deal analysis - bring your deals and we’ll go over them and make sure you see the deals blind spots so you don’t get hurt by what you can’t see.
  • One on One direct Real Estate mastery training to supercharge your returns and accelerate your progress growing your portfolio
  • Monthly mastermind sessions with your SpecOps team
  • Monthly Live Webinar training
  • Complimentary Real Estate Valuation for any houses, multi units etc. *required by the IRS to validate assets values by 3rd party