Total Control Financial

“Since we’ve started working with Damion we’ve taken $200K out of the market, bought a piece of rental property, started being pro active on investing opportunities and started giving $2,000 a month to charity.  I feel awesome about where we are with our life financially right now.  I am totally clear on my money and how I want to invest it.  We appreciate all he did for us.  He sent us down a path that really works for us.  Thank you.  We would have never done this without him!”

John & Steffani LeFevour

Chicago Entrepreneurs

“For years, the lack of control I had over my OWN MONEY in my 401k was a serious source of frustration for me.  I’ve always viewed the stock market as a form of gambling, so I didn’t want to send my money to Wall Street – and I don’t like bonds or treasury notes, because of out of control government spending.  So that left only 1 choice inside my 401k… Cash.  As a result, years went by with my entire 401k being 100% stuck in cash, and as the government continued to print more and more cash, my retirement account got less and less valuable, and I got more and more frustrated.

All that changed in 2012.  I met Damion Lupo and learned about the eQRP.  After I had my attorney thoroughly scrutinize the plan and give me a double thumbs up approval I got my own QRP set up and took CHECK-BOOK CONTROL of my own money.  Now my retirement money is 100% MINE to invest the way I want.

If you’re anything like me you absolutely owe it to yourself to get a QRP!”

Jon Butcher

Chairman Precious Moments

Damion’s team have been exceptional in putting together and helping me get my eQRP set up!  I have comfort in knowing that I have control over my money and best of all I don’t have to deal with cumbersome paperwork every single year!

Dr. Angelica Farrell

Doctor & Business Owner

At first I was skeptical because I hadn’t heard of anything like the eQRP, but after doing research, talking to my accountant, attorney, and a few friends who also work in the tax/finance industry I realized this is one of the greatest kept secrets in the retirement industry!

This tool has higher contribution limits than an IRA, more protections and much more flexibility with how I can use my money. Since getting my eQRP 3 years ago I bought an investment property to renovate and resell and even borrowed money from my own account to purchase a second home, all while reducing my income tax!

My biggest regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner.

Mike Scarpa

Business Owner / Investor

After years of working in corporate America I had 401k rollover money stuck in the wall street mutual fund system.  My money was stuck in a system that I didn’t trust but I didn’t think I had an option to opt out.

After I learned about the eQRP, the team at Total Control Financial took me through the simple process of getting my money out of Wall Street jail and into my hands – so I could invest in things I controlled and felt comfortable with.  HUGE relief to be in the drivers seat and feel more empowered!

Damion Lupo generously took time to explain things, answer questions and share his wisdom.  

He is someone that will continue to be a trusted partner for my investment strategy and a secure and prosperous financial future.   His passion for supporting me and my financial success has been extraordinary.

Sandra Garest

President, Lifebook

Total Control Financial

Our feeling of security and well-being used to be radically influenced by the red and green arrows that run on the ticker of any news program – all day every day.  We were happy or sad, confident or anxious, feeling wealthy or strapped all based on what the stock market was doing, and our level of mastery about the stock market was pretty close to nil.  YUCK!

Concurrent with divesting from the stock market was working with Damion.  The first, really broad stroke guidance he gave us was an increase in our vocabulary.  What can we do with our money?  What’s legal?  What’s possible?  What are our values?  What do we want?  We never thought about money like that…  That’s a radical shift!

Damion has been a valuable member of our team – he asks questions that stimulate us to learn and grow and define our vision.   I liken working with him to working with a trainer. Our financial fitness is at a much higher level thanks to working with Damion.

What was clear was that an eQRP was a great vehicle for us.  We could put our money in things that fit our skills & interests, things we cared to get smart about…

Katie Mark

Entrepreneur & Investor

Total Control Financial

I was so impressed with Damion Lupo’s  character and professionalism during a recent situation involving my company that I wanted to share my impression with anyone considering his services.

Mr. Lupo’s combination of drive, charisma, compassion, and positivity is inspiring. I recommend anyone seeking a financial advisor with high integrity meet him.

Kerstin Shoberg

Total Control Financial

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Damion Lupo.  He provides wonderful and highly professional service and extremely helpful advice.  I’ve read and enjoyed all of his books and highly recommend them.  It has been a pleasure doing business with him, and I expect to continue doing so in the years ahead.

Dan Johnston


Luc Pentz

With Damion’s help, I created an eQRP at the beginning of 2012 from different IRA and 401k’s that I had from previous employers and benefitted tremendously. I was so happy with the process and the results. I have since become an eQRP advocate and recommend it to conservative investors, business owners, and anyone who has previous IRA’s or 401k’s from previous employers.

I did not have a structured LLC or Corp or even a DBA when I created my eQRP. Damion taught me and provided me the forms to fill out and I created a sole proprietorship (called the Luc Pentz Company) with my own EIN and he set up my eQRP (also with its own EIN) called the Luc Pentz Company Pension Trust.

Luc Pentz

Insurance Risk Analyst

Total Control Financial

Damion and his team are spectacular in their professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.  I would strongly recommend anyone purchase any and all products this terrific company offers.  They provide world class service and customer satisfaction; better than any other company in any industry I have ever had the opportunity to work with. These folks know how to take care of their customers and are fantastic to partner up with.

Bill Eichenberger

Total Control Financial