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Reclaim Your Freedom with Shirley Dalton

Aired On: 04/04/2017

We all make mistakes but not all of us recover. Damion shares how you can reInvent yourself after falling down. He shares how he was able to release the fail, re-imagine and rewire himself from the inside out. Damion shares his process of growing from the mistake, of learning from it and keeping moving so that the fail doesn’t become your identity as a person. Damion candidly shares the fear of what happens when we fall and he fell in a massive way as well as the lessons and wisdom of going through that process and how to leverage those experiences instead of getting scared into paralysis to avoid them.

Venture Shorts with Molly Marie Keyser

Aired On: 04/03/2017

Why you Need to Break The Rules to Succeed

“When you start disrupting things, you have people that love you and people that want to strangle you.”
– Damion Lupo

Traffic and Leads with One-Click Lindsey

Aired On: 03/27/2017

Insights to the rollercoaster of online marketing.
How to deliver videos and emails to build a relationships.
Unique online marketing tactics Damion’s tried.
How to compete without going bankrupt.

Freedom Formula for Physicians with Dave Denniston

Aired On: 03/24/2017

As various folks follow Robert Kiyosaki and the rich dad, poor dad books and seminars, many folks become interested in things outside of the norm. Damion shares his path from 0 to millionaire, losing it, and then making it all back. In this episode, Damion dives into some of the specific strategies he used to build his wealth, including using leverage, owner financing, and patience.

Relentless Wealth with Alton Hill

Aired On: 03/21/2017

Profit with confidence! Many bases are covered in this interview but what you should most take away from this is the confidence to go out and be that entrepreneur living in abundance. Damion offers plenty of advice for earning income and being the head of your own business. It’s all about your attitude and education; finding that balance where you’re confident to make your own decisions while not too cocky to not learn from others who will teach you.

Real Estate Loop with Gavin Welch!

Aired On: 03/20/2017

Retirement!  Damion discusses how to shift, maximize and self direct your 401K! Game changer! #totalcontrolfinancial

Martial Thoughts Podcast with Jared Wilson

Aired On: 03/20/2017

Damion and Jared discuss Martial Arts, Yoga and…. Aikido! What is Aikido?! Damion explains here and so much more!

Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III

Aired On: 03/13/2017

Damion discusses how to implement 10X thinking and the power of conscious reinvention!

Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio with Jeremy Lesniak

Aired On: 03/13/2017

Jeremy has a conversation w/Sensei Damion Lupo about Martial Arts, creating his own martial art Yokido and why Martial Arts is a powerful way to become present with life and business.

“If I’m in on something, you better look out, because I’m going all the way to wherever it is.”

Sensei Damion Lupo

StoryHinge with Jason Vidaurri

Aired On: 03/08/2017

Damion is a lifelong entrepreneur and discusses how he started his first business at age 11! Listen in as Damion shares the lessons he learned-and the things he wishes someone had told him before he got started.

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