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Contractors Secret Weapon with Dave Negri

Aired On: 02/09/2017

Damion and Dave discuss, Who’s in control of your money?

In this interview, Damion Lupo talks about being familiar with the stock market and the craziness of watching the red arrows go down and the green arrows go up!

Hertube with Audrey Bell-Kearney

Aired On: 01/28/2017

Damion and Audrey discuss taking financial control back from the Wall St Cartel, and giving yourself financial power to make your own decisions.

The Swift Kick with Timothy Craggette

Aired On: 01/26/2017

Many have said business is a marathon and not a sprint. It doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline, things will get in the way and it always comes down to what you do when the going gets tough. Damion shares with us his journey and his insight on what most people take years to learn and we have a little fun along the way.

Planet Boomerville with Jim Enright

Aired On: 01/17/2017

Many baby boomers have experienced bankruptcy, foreclosure, business loss, divorce, humiliation, and other traumatic experiences. Those life events can become a personal identity that lingers for years, unless there is a process of introspection, re-wiring, and re-inventing. Damion knows this process first hand. He went through a process before reinventing himself, writing three books, and now owning two successful financial services companies. On his journey he has started 30 businesses, and shares lessons learned.

The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman

Aired On: 01/16/2017

Damion joins Jordan Goodman to discuss business, retirement, and money in general. From a building a real estate empire, losing it, and reinventing himself, Damion has seen it all in business. Going from wanting to make as much money as possible, to wanting to impact as many people as possible has been the source of much success for Damion. Listen in and hear his awesome story!

Damion chats with Positive Phil

Aired On: 01/10/2017

Listen in as Positive Phil chats with Damion about the road he took to get where he is today. From building an 8 figure real estate empire, to losing it, and then to rebuilding his wealth, Damion has seen it all. Today he’s focused on bringing financial clarity and empowerment to people everywhere.

Your Business Growth with Diane Helbig

Aired On: 01/09/2017

Damion joins Diane to discuss the 3 strategic tools every entrepreneur needs to have a business that thrives instead of dies. Damion has been creating and selling businesses since he bought his first rental house with a VISA, and built from there to a real estate empire spanning 7 states and 150 houses in 5 years.

Make Money on Your Terms with Hatsu

Aired On: 01/02/2017

Damion joins Hatsu to discuss making money on your terms, with you in control. When you make the decision that you are going to make money on your terms, and without succumbing to the will of others, your mindset changes, and you become the master of money, not money’s puppet. Damion has experienced this first hand, and today shares his knowledge in order to allow others to experience the freedom he has.

Join Up Dots with David Ralph

Aired On: 12/29/2016

Listen in as David interviews Damion on his life experiences, and how personal responsibility and personal freedom are at the core of everything that Damion does, both in business and in life. Also discussed is what the number one mistake that people make when attempting to gain financial freedom. Damion and David dive in deep on core issues central to everyone trying to design the life they want.

She’s building her empire with Stacy Tuschl

Aired On: 12/28/2016

Stacy and Damion are on the same path. Both are building their respective empires, not for the money, but for maximum impact. In this episode, Damion and Stacy discuss the path that lead Damion to where he is now, and how moments in his life have shaped who he is, and how he views the world.

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